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Guidelines for Parents

Parent Guidelines 
In order to help create the proper learning environment for our club and our players, parents will be expected to follow the guide lines below.  Failing to adhere to these guidelines could result in consequences with regard to your child’s status in the club. 
During Training:

The coaching staff is at work during training sessions and this time is extremely valuable. 

1) Parents are to remain off the training fields and in the designated area (bleachers) during all training sessions. 
2) There will be no parent-to-coach contact while a training session is taking place (including team managers and board members). 
Parents are to wait until after the training session has officially ended before communicating with the coach for any reason.  
Note: Coaches will provide feedback on each player regularly throughout the year.  Coaches have been instructed not to address the parents regarding player issues unless and until the player has approached the coach first and the issue cannot be resolved between the player and the coach.  If it becomes necessary for a parent to become involved, all discussions will be limited to their child only.  At no time will the coaching staff entertain any comments, discussion, or opinions regarding any other club members. 
3) Parents should not shout instructions, coach, or attempt to contact their children during training session except in the case of emergency. 
During Games/Matches:
1) There will be no parent-to-player contact during the period beginning 30 minutes prior
to the start of a game and ending a minimum of 15 minutes following the end of the game
or when the coach has officially released the players.  The parent must remain on the
opposite side of the field until the coach releases the players. 
2) Cooper City Cobras has a 48 hour rule for our parents regarding games.  Parents must wait 48 hours after a game before attempting to speak with the coach regarding any problem except, of course, in the case of an emergency.  This is designed to allow cooler heads to prevail in any situation that may arise during the course of a game.  Please note that if this is a player issue, the player (not the parent) must attempt to discuss the problem with the coach first as noted previously.