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If email is not getting to your inbox, please click on the Edit My Account button and double check your email address and make sure that it is entered correctly. If your email address is correct, we suggest checking your spam folder, bulk folder or junk folder. If you find the email, then you will need to find a way to inform your mail application that it is not spam. Most likely, the course of action is to select the email and click on the Not Spam or Not Junk button, if available.

Below is a list of Email Providers/Email Software. Please click on your provider for more detailed instructions on how to add as an approved sender. This is the best way to ensure that you will receive emails sent from this site in a timely manner.

If you believe that our email communications are being blocked by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or your email provider, we recommend that you contact your ISP / email provider and let them know that you want receive our emails and they are disrupting your communications and services.

Letter You Can Send to your ISP / Email Provider:

To: [ISP Customer Support]

Subject: Please Allow Timely Delivery of Email

Hello. My name is [Your Name] and I have been a customer of your services since [Year]. I understand that you employ filters and/or blacklists to protect customers like myself from unsolicited email; however, this has made it impossible for me to receive emails, announcements, and urgent notifications that I have requested. I value these communications and would like to receive them using this email address.

The sender of these emails uses an email service through is a sports management web service that we have subscribed to, and has strict anti-spam policies in place. Because your filters block emails from I am unable to receive these communications.

I ask that you please help me determine why these emails are being blocked. For further information about or to request more information from them, they can be reached at   or 888-932-6747.

Mail from can be found by the following characteristics for whitelisting:

"Envelope from:" domains:

Sending IPs:

All mail from is sent from:

Please contact me when this problem has been resolved.


[Your Name]